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Our Inaugural Book Recommendation

I'm here with our inaugural recommendation for this blog: ATOMIC HABITS: AN EASY & PROVEN WAY TO BUILD GOOD HABITS & BREAK BAD ONES, by James Clear.

If I'm going to be finishing the middle-grade novel I'm currently writing on my own AND collaborating on a middle grade novel with fellow children's book author Marcie Colleen (it's in the works!) AND sending out this newsletter AND fretting (and fretting and fretting) about the state of the world today AND trying to improve it--which I absolutely am--then I'm going to need to be abundantly productive. I've read several productivity books this year, and ATOMIC HABITS is my favorite. The suggestions are concrete and useful, and the theories behind them interesting. I've only spent one day implementing them, I'll grant you. But boy was it a terrific day! I'll keep you posted as the days roll on.

That's it for now. Wishing you terrific days as well.

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