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Book-Related Gems

Happy Days After Thanksgiving! I hope you’ve shaken off the turkey and pie plus more pie plus ice cream plus a little more pie, and you’re ready to enjoy a cornucopia of book-related gift ideas for the holidays. It’s a bibliophilic wonderland out there! I had no idea of all the possibilities of presents for avid readers before I started looking into it for this newsletter. Take a listen to the conversation I had with my friend Eve (also my co-host on the Book Dreams podcast) about some of our favorite gems. Just press play on the audio below. You’re going to find something you love. I’m sure of it.

We've also included a transcript and links to the gift recommendations, in case you don't have time (roughly 7 minutes) to listen. And we’ll keep making these “Book Dreams Minutes” recordings. If you have any suggestions for a future topic, or if you want to recommend a book-related gift, please let me know!

Happy holiday dreaming.

All the very best,


P.S. If you want to receive updates when we release new episodes of the Book Dreams podcast, please subscribe to the podcast newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the linked page for the subscribe box).


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